Time to hang up these (bed)sheets and set sail

What the?! Where the hell’d that come from?!

I’m angry! Legitimately angry! I can understand why my supervisor sent me home early yesterday. I had two full room cleans remaining. And two coworkers were done with their loads. It’s cheaper to send two girls, who also are faster than I, over to my wing to complete my rooms than to have one girl (me) doing both rooms. I get it from a cost-effective business standpoint.

But this! — this is a new twist!

It’s 1 o’clock-ish. I’m halfway through my last full clean. After this I’ve got two stayovers and one bed to make and I’m finished around the usual time.

A girl’s sent over to help out. I say I’m on my last room and then two stayovers and that’s it so I don’t really need the help and I really need the hours. Whatever, not my call. Relay the situation to the supervisor and she decides.

(For the record, I’m working only 4-day weeks plus I’m losing hours being sent home early. Which overall totals about 16 hours a week @ minimum wage. That’s my sole income. You do the math on survivability!)

The girl relays the situation — hough how accurately I do not know.

Five minutes later another gal, an older gal like me who has my back, appears at the door with a message from the boss.

“Clock out now.”

“What?! With the room halfway cleaned?!”

“That’s what she says. Clock out now.”

“Leave the room half finished?!”

“That’s what she says. Clock out now. She says if you have a problem with it, contact her on the radio (walkie-talkies).”

I do as instructed. I pack up and turn in my board with three rooms incomplete. Other(s) are sent over to finish my rooms. Rooms I’m fully capable of finishing.

I’m livid. Furious. This has a different feel from yesterday when I was sent home early since two girls, both faster than I, can finish the rooms faster than I alone.

Today’s a backstabbing. Worse, it’s disrespect! It’s real. It’s palpable. I’m booted out. Why. I can reasonably speculate.

My higher self knows better, gut too. It’s not worth the pursuit of reasons or discussion. Nothing will come of it save perhaps momentary relief from understanding. PERHAPS. Discussion will not improve matters.


It’s a sign that it’s time to find another job — ASAP. This job’s over. There’s a push to get me (along with perhaps a half-handful of others) now. They won’t outright fire me.

They’ll force me (and others) out by cutting days and hours significantly so we’re forced to find other jobs. It’s a “trick” and common method to avoid paying unemployment through firing.

I’m livid at first and then quickly recognize why bother. Let it go. Anger only binds me to a situation without hope or cause for rectification. Anger only binds me to a situation and group and dynamic that’s negative and unhelpful.

I won’t fight the tide and forces of change or invest too heavily in the anger that IS justified. What happened is shitty … disrespectful … back-stabby. It’s a staff of females, what can I expect, really?

It’s time to go. The push is on. On this a day off I’m hitting the streets with resumes. Ugh. It’s gotta be done.

The sooner I’m outta “their hair” and they mine with my hours/wage slashed to a TRULY unlivable level, the better for all … the better for ME, my life and ultimately my future.


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