back on track, just like that!

Though sleepy after only several hours of slumber last night, I’m feeling more balanced now, as the day closes, than I did when it began.

More balanced and clear-headed and understanding about the reasons for yesterday’s avalanche of internal turmoil and upset. For me, work (physical or mental, depending on their natures) can be therapeutic. Since I work alone, I get a lotta time to think while rush-rush-rushing to get the rooms done … so it’s not like I’m meditating under the bodhi tree at the workplace!

Things came clear and calm returned as I yanked sheets and comforters off king beds, unstuffed pillows from their cases, applied fresh sheets, restuffed pillows and scrubbed tubs.

My job requires little to no brain power, which not only encourages use of thought but demands it. A job that requires no brain is not a job for me and thus I’ll find a way to utilize it! — in contemplations, musings, analysis and the like.

I just wanted to put that on the record. I got back on track with positivity and staying the course of healing quickly. Impressively quickly. Unusually quickly for me! I didn’t hang around down in the dumps as in the past. I didn’t let myself be held back by a setback. That’s good news. Tonight I’ll continue the course with a hot Epsom salt bath, a book at bedtime and hopefully restful undisturbed slumber.

In short, a day that began not so well ends well. đŸ™‚


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