waiting, waiting, waiting, it’s the worst!

a life out of balance … and long moments in wait.

a life out of balance:

* not sleeping / not sleeping well / insufficient dreamtime
* body misalignment and injuries
* too much energy output at the job
* little $ in return for output
* housing situation that confines, oppresses, suppresses and suffocates
* dictatorial roommate
* rent/living costs too high for current income
* little to no social interaction (this is function of the job)
* no community involvement (too a function of the job)
* bad bed (upgrade is priority with a move!!!!)

long moments in wait:

* meeting with radio station manager Friday
* Monday or Tuesday he’ll know / have a decision
* Tuesday noon and no word yet. My nerves would be on fire wait were I not actively quelling them with efforts to stay positive
* even still, I’m scared and nervous and afraid of the outcome
* waiting, waiting, waiting on outcome, it’s the worst!

a snapshot of this day, tuesday, july 29. just because.


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