(monsoon) rain and shine, it was a good day.

So as the sun’s sunk well below the horizon, all in all it was a good day. Even a thunderous day perhaps.

The spells of monsoon rains, ferocious thunder and electrifying lighting that triggered power outages around town, as partly evidenced by the blinking numbers on my clock radio, interspersed with stretches of sunshine and bright blue skies were dramatic and perfectly welcomed on this my day off.

I didn’t have to try to work in the torrential showers. Didn’t have to push a heavy cart loaded with housekeeping supplies, the vacuum cleaner and the large wastebasket along the outdoor corridor from room to room with wind-driven heavy monsoon sheets of rain pelting supplies and me.

No. What I GOT to do was enjoy a leisurely meal, coffees and computer time in the cozy and dry comforts of the Wildflower Bread Co. cafe/restaurant.

And what I got to enjoy, just before the skies unleashed their furious showers, was a meeting with the station manager at the radio station. Wasn’t an interview as much as a reunion since our paths have crossed several times in the last year.

Whether the (PT foot-in-the-door) job will come my way will be known in a few days. Until then, I shall continue doing as I’ve been doing: taking care of myself, mindfully tending to my health and its unique needs in this course of recovery, eating well, sleeping best I can and staying positive in thought.

Whatever the offer looks like should it come my way, the answer is YES! He (the station manager) knows it and I know it. It’s out there in the earth’s wavelengths and beyond, that life-affirming YES!

It’s not that I’m wholly and blissfully calm as I patiently await the process and outcome for this job opening. I’m no Zen master, not in this lifetime anyways. If I overthink it, I’d drive myself nuts with anxiety, worry, fretting. And I don’t want that.

I WANT to stay calm as I await this potentially life-changing, and work-changing, turn. I want to trust that the best that I could do — and that could be done — have occurred. Trust that there’s nothing that could be improved upon. And now this time waiting for the first bloom in the garden tended to meticulously by moi requires but patience. And positive thought. Nothing more and nothing else at this time.

There’s a certain peace in that …

{Was a good day, this day of 777 … that is, in numerology, a 7 day (25th = 2+5=7) in a 7 month (July) in a 7 personal year. 777: jackpot!}

‘night now.


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