Faith. And the word YES!

It’s not superstition or thought of jinxing something that inhibits me from penning a cheerful post.

It’s fear. Fear of disappointment. Fear of having my hopes raised and then dashed.I’m speaking specifically of opportunities for employment and more precisely opportunities for work that I REALLY care about!

Now’s not the time to dwell on or rehash how life’s beaten me down or the myriad disappointments handed to me by people.

Neither is it the time to beat myself up for mistakes I’ve made, the work-related losses in multitudes through my life.

Now’s not even the time to buck up and plow forward through the mud — a well-developed skill and talent cultivated through hardships.

Now — today — is the time to do differently and be different. Now’s the time for faith and for joy. Joy for potentially a second chance at a dream job. Joy for the opportunity to meet with the man, for the second time in a year, who can help make that happen. Joy for the potentially second chance to be back on my purposeful path doing what I love to do: write and speak!

If this sounds sorta unforthcoming or absent specifics, well, it’s so designed. 🙂 At this moment, I’m called to write not of the specifics, rather the joy and excitement overriding the details.

Thanks to a fresh job posting and my attentiveness in checking the ads daily and prob’ly some luck in timing too, I may have a {second} shot at that dream job at a radio station! With resume in hand and jazz in my heart, I’ll soon be on my way to meet again with the station manager.

YES! is the word. YES! to any offer. YES! to any offer whatever it looks like. YES! to an open door. YES! to rectifying mistakes/missteps of the past. YES! to moving forward in my true work and to my new town and to my new life unfolding. Sometimes in fits and starts, sometimes in giant leaps!

YES! YES! YES! The word is YES! From the heart and the mind and spirit.

{No to “can I think about it?” No to “I need time to think about it or consult with another.” No to “can I let you know in an hour?” No to pausing or hesitating or holding my cards close to the vest.}

There’s only one answer this time. One word.


Let the passion emerge, the heart speak and the dream unfold.



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