Okay, I could be compared to a dog.

I chugged that Sam Adams and inhaled those snacks so fast, I could be Blake.

Blake’s a dog. Not my dog. My roommate’s. He’s a rescue black Lab and Rottweiler mix. Blake doesn’t EAT his food. Doesn’t chew. He inhales. Gulps. Swallows.

And when his bowl is emptied, he licks the plastic down to the nib. THEN, when the other two dogs are done, he licks THEIR bowls down to the nib too.

I’m Blake after a day of work. 

Like I’ve written before, I’ve got a cleaning job that’s very very physical. Go Go Go! — and I don’t mean Go Go dancers! Since we don’t get lunch breaks (and I force down a smoothie every morning knowing full well that I’ll regret it if I don’t), I usually return “home” from the job ready to eat a half a cow. Raw. 

I don’t like to eat like that — reaching for the quick carbs to replenish. However, in my mindfulness about health and diet, I don’t keep “crap carbs” in the house. My Go-To Food NOW!! might be nuts. Maybe pretzels. Tonight radishes. I don’t pollute my body with fatty greasy worthless nutritionally-empty calories. 


Now beer’s the “exception.” Not crap beer. Bud. Coors. Miller. The Big 3 in the States. I like good beer. I like craft beer. I like beer of some quality. Because I’m not about “getting drunk.” I love my beer like I love my wine and spirits. 


Today after work is a 3-beer day. Yes. I’m just that beat and just that CRAVING of carbohydrates after the seemingly zillions of calories i burn off at work the job that I couldn’t replenish fast enough once I got back to the house!

I drank that Sam Adams in record time. And inhaled those radishes and pretzels with a generous dab of homemade spicy fresh dip like I AM Blake the vacuum-cleaner dog.

Now, normally none of this would present a problem — only remind that I must find a better job that’s of BALANCE and on life path and purpose. I assure that cleaning hotel rooms ain’t it!

But tonight — only tonight — that inhalation of food and three beers — immediate carbs to replenish that wealth of calories burned off at the job — comes at a disadvantage. 

There’s the wine party tonight! LIke 30 bottles of wine. And as many appetizers!

What’s a girl who’s already had her instant and immediate fill to do? 

I’ll go of course. Of course I’ll go. I’l go and mingle and meet people I don’t know– which is everyone — and try to be cheerful and friendly even when my life’s a fucked-up off-path nightmarish mess.

I’ll contribute wine and food and partake of likewise. Come back to the house hopefully not too inebriated. Gotta get up super early tomorrow morning for the job!

What’s left to say except that Inhaling Food … a very Blakean mannerism — after a day at the Go! Go! job almost … ALMOST … makes me wish I could trade it in for a spot as a Go-Go Dancer at some club. If I’m gonna stay starved all day, the pay’s a fucking lot better there.  


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