Solve the mystery, win the Maytag.

Some days are better than others in sleep and health.

And some days you just know are gonna be long. 

I didn’t sleep soundly (due to ongoing body/structural pain). Then I was awakened around the crack of dawn by a roommate extracting goods from the garage, which borders my room, for his garage sale. 

So I feel unrested and off-kilter. And it ain’t even 8 a.m. yet!

Wouldn’t ya know it! Though I was scheduled to have today off, yesterday I volunteered to come in if there was staffing need. And there was. On my end, there’s $ need. And while a day’s work is equal to a tank of gas, it’s a tank of gas I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

My crippled shoulder and other related body issues/injuries get in the way of a job that’s entirely physical. I’m pushing past the pain, putting my body through its paces. It’s none too happy about it. I deserve a medal. However, I’d prob’ly be too tired to receive it!

Then, tonight I’ve got a shindig featuring wines from Paso Robles region in California. Everyone’s to bring a bottle from the area and appetizer. With reportedly 30-plus people attending, that’s a LOTTA wine and variety of eats. That’s a late night. And a “toasty” night. 😉 

Except … except I gotta work tomorrow. When you’re a hotel housekeeper, especially during the busy season, you don’t get weekends off unless you’ve got a very good reason. So that definitely puts a cork in the fun.

Speaking of fun, it wasn’t yesterday, cleaning the handicapped-access room. My boss assigned me to a wing different from my usual and it included the handicapped-access room.

The two queen beds are laborious enough but the sizable bathroom with the large wheelchair-access shower … ugh.  It’s a slog. Felt like time stopped cleaning that room! Upon finishing and closing the door, I said I hope I never see or am in that room again! Really. I said it out loud. Fortunately there was no hotel guest present to overhear a justified bemoaning of the handicapped room.

Speaking of work, it’s that time to roll. Why is it that an hour at the laptop with a smoothie fly by and the same hour at the job feels like two?! Ahhh, solve that mystery and you’ll win the Maytag.





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