The meek MAY inherit the earth. But they won’t get the supplies.

Do I know people or do I know people?

I do and it’s a f**king curse!

I could’ve predicted it. I saw it coming. Not with 100 percent certainty. But the possibility crossed my mind 78 times. Give or take.

The possibility that my coworkers would circumvent a new method introduced to ensure equal distribution of tools and supplies for cleaning hotel rooms.

That method, as stated in the prior post, was for the laundry staff to preassemble bags of supplies to see that each girl receives her share of rags and other supplies.

This “policing” became necessary because the gals were thinking only of themselves and grabbing far more than they needed, leaving none for me and sometimes a half-handful of others.

There is no quelling selfishness in humankind. (This is hardly new information but a real downer all the same no matter how often I’m reminded of it.)

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And the INTENTION of the preassembled supplies set was, like I said, to ensure each worker receives a set of tools because the gals couldn’t be trusted to act in fairness, kindness or consideration of others.

You’d sooner get agreement from the Pope to have a string of illicit affairs than fairness, sportsmanship and consideration of coworkers from the piranas of hotel housekeeping.

So, like I said, the plan was for each gal to get a preassembled bag of supplies, preassembled by laundry according to the number of gals working that day.

A great plan. In theory.

In practice, IT DOESN’T WORK.

And the reason it doesn’t work is because gals who are supposed to take only one bag of supplies are taking two or more.

Which leaves the well dry for others, which is always me.

When today I walked into laundry and discovered the supplies wiped out by my oh-so-thoughtful coworkers, I wanted to scream. Cry. Throw my hands up and find another job where people are more considerate (ain’t gonna happen, most human beings are incredibly selfish by nature). Curse the most of my alleged teammates for being thoughtless, inconsiderate, rude, self-serving, unhelpful and unintelligent.

It wasn’t a good beginning to my morning and colored my workday blue. It was a real downer.

Not surprising, mind you. Ain’t the first time (or the last) where I’ve had coworkers who by majority are selfish, greedy, thoughtless, inconsiderate ME ME ME children. Unenlightened adults with no developed sense of intelligence, reason, fair play or awareness of the consequences of their actions.

They’re the ones — and we all know ’em — who’ll MAKE problems for others through their thoughtless actions rather than ANTICIPATE problems and behave to prevent them.

What makes this so hard on me is I’m not like that. I’m thoughtful, considerate and very fair and fair-minded toward everyone except myself. I won’t take the last of something if it means another would do without. I’ll always accept the burden upon my shoulders to spare another’s lack.

Well, a lotta good that trait does me or anyone else in this world!!

The meek shalL inherit the earth. HA! What the meek shall inherit is heartache.

I really was so downcast and blue and relieved for a light workload that enabled me to call it an early day.

It wasn’t like I was expecting my coworkers to suddenly be shed of gluttony and thoughtlessness. No. You can’t get blood from a stone.

It was just that sorrowful reminder of humanity’s selfishness and greed and, really, how out of place I’ve always felt on this planet.

I’m a soul in a foreign land.

And, thanks to my coworkers, a housekeeper always left holding the bag. The empty bag. Sans supplies.


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