A Day of Dual Liberties and Happy Birthday, America!

Today isn’t only the birthday of America, the day that independence from the royal reign of Britain was officially declared and sealed with the signing of our glorious Constitution.

She turns 238 today.

It’s also a anniversary of the day I obtained personal liberty from the dark imprisonment of Washington state and Tacoma.

On this date in 2011, I and my artfully-packed Subaru with my most essential and special possessions fled a state of ruin. Much like our American forefathers who had set sail for liberty and for live free of the tyranny of the British — a collective act of courage and bravery that eventually brought us our sacred Constitution.

I’ve said it many times and it bears repeating today and in days ahead: I fled Tacoma, Washington, to save my life.

When I, with Subaru, traversed a slight slope outside my (haunted & dark) apartment, turned right and then left onto a freeway at 10:15 that morning, I never looked back at the apartment. My journey led that single July 4 took me across the whole state of Washington, from west to east.

When I crossed the line separating Washington and Idaho — a border with a giant sign reading “Welcome to Idaho!” — I parked the car on the Idaho side. Got out. Kissed the ground. Took photos. Conducted a private ritual.

It was, in its own way, a private signing of the Declaration of Independence that we true patriots of America celebrate today.

= = =

Much, too too much, has transpired between that July 4 three years ago. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of miles traveled, my Subbie and I, across half a dozen states.

That part of the story isn’t pertinent today.

What is pertinent is: July 4 is both the official birth of freedom in America and the official birth of a new life for myself. And yes, that departure date was chosen for that reason and others.

So ….

Happy Birthday, America! Though tyranny in the White House and a bed-partner media threaten our liberties and freedoms in ways that our forefathers never could have predicted or imagined, I still love you and fight for you in honor of those visionaries oh so long ago.

Happy Birthday to me! Not the biological March birthday, rather the day that I regained my own independence from darkness and a certain death.

We are in parallel, America’s forefathers and I.

God Bless America and May Our Liberties and Self-Empowerments Be Returned to Us in the 2014 and 2016 elections. May America’s freedoms ring … and when they’ve been silenced by tyranny, may they ring once again.

Inscription on the Liberty Bell:
Proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.


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