Pop! goes the weasel. And my neck!

I feel blessed this morning.

Because I awoke feeling rested.

It’s the first time I’ve more or less slept through the night in I can’t know how long! More specifically, it’s the first time that my slumber has not been made fitless and poor by pain.

Yesterday I felt it.

Lemme back up a sec. Yesterday was a day off from work. No arms swinging high in the air to make beds. No hands stretching hard across shower stalls to scrub walls. No arms and shoulders twisting, reaching and bending through a vast array of hotel housekeeping tasks.

Simply said, yesterday was a day a rest. And rest is integral to injury — in my case, a shoulder and neck injury that’s plagued severely since last November. And rest is hardly forthcoming in a job that’s all physical!

Heck, simple day-to-day living requires a functioning neck and shoulder! For example, try typing on a computer without behind your elbow (a particularly painful position for the shoulder’s nerves).

As I was saying: Yesterday I felt it.

Afternoon. I was sitting in the overstuffed chair in my “study.” I may’ve been reading the paper — don’t recall. With the fingertips of right hand, I applied pressure to particularly tight and tensed points at the base of the skull and down the neck just left of the spine.

Particular attention’s being paid to Safety Energy Lock #4, at the base of the skull. Safety Energy Locks, also known as SEL, are key points in jin shin jyutsu, a healing modality akin to acupressure.

Daily holding and applying light pressure to various points are part of my homework from my jin shin jyutsu practitioner.

So I’m sitting there doing my homework, basically, with a lot of pressure on SEL #4 and neighboring points along the neck, turning my head right and left and up and down to help loosen, stretch and relax the overtightened neck … when suddenly there was this pop!

That pop! that sounds when adjoining bones, tendons and/or ligaments are moved back into their alignment.

Truth told, my neck’s popped and cracked countless times in the past six months — not in good ways, rather as symptoms of disturbances and distress!

But this pop was different. It really did feel like neck tendons suddenly shifted back into their proper place! And that pop! was the sound of healing in motion.

Was a glorious feeling, it really was, and the wave of relief that accompanied … oh my! It was a real gain in these seven months of neck/shoulder debilitation.

I don’t mean to suggest that everything’s all hunky dory again. It’s not. The neck and shoulder still have a lotta road to travel in recovery.

But by the single shift yesterday, I slept through the night, uninterrupted by chronic severe nerve pain and immobility.

The neck tendons and ligaments have been on lockdown since last November and the shoulder frozen by impinged nerves. Experiencing real movement yesterday rocks my world!

So I’ll keep dutifully doing my daily homework (putting pressure on key points). I go in for my second treatment in a couple days, which should further the healing.

I cannot say enough about the value of REST in an injury. It’s very true: There’s no rest for the weary — or the injured — in a job that’s all physical.

I KNOW it was the rest, a day off from the daily use and with it severe overtaxing of the crippled shoulder, that set the scene for that glorious healing pop!

Which leads me to speculate about whether I should cut my workweek down from 5 days to 4. Can’t afford the financial hit but my health & body shout YES! Food for thought.

Speaking of the job, off I must go … with a song of hope on my heart that tonight’ll once again bring fairly sound sleep. Ah, brighter doth the world appear through rested eyes.


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