Employed (yes!) and reaching for better

Things are looking up in my new town of 2-1/2 months!

It’s really quite remarkable how much has happened in that short time. It’s perking along. This resembles not at all any other of my many residences across many U.S. states! Goes to show that things really can get better when you’re in the right place for you.

Case in point. Yesterday I had an interview with the county humane society. I’d submitted an application for kennel tech assistant — a somewhat glorified term for kennel cleaner, animal protector and adoptions aide — some weeks back.

Didn’t hear back, didn’t hear back, figured that was that like 99.99% of today’s job applications — until suddenly I heard back! Was a terrific interview. AND I’ve learned the hard way never to see even the most positive interview as a promising sign of an offer.

(Matter of fact, I’ve had really great interviews that put a bounce in my step, hope in my heart and a smile on my face … only to go down in defeat and gut-wrenching disappointment. In some ways, I’ve had to harden my heart to survive the decades. Sad yet true.)

Anyhow, life’s on the upswing and hopefully with it my luck and fortunes!

True, I’m currently employed part-time. True, it’s a job providing something constructive and helpful to do with my time and a little income.

The days, however, are numbered; could be as scant as one more week to a max of a month. Remembering that helps push me through a cleaning job for which I’m ultimately unsuited (due to their need for speed).

Being employed part-time even in a short-term job has taken a load off. Job-hunting in this Obama-led economic ruin is so so sooo hard. Even futile (which is of course by his design in his hatred of America). To have that weight lifted off my shoulders to an extent is good.

AND the search for better employment continues! Thus I was happy to receive the interview invite at the humane society. They’ll be interviewing into next week and have their decisions for the four positions they’re filling by the end of it, I’m told.

Those who make the cut will be brought in for a working (paid) interview. So it’s still a process and period of time should I in fact be hired. Meanwhile, I’ll continue doing what I’m doing cleaning hotel rooms and stay positive but not hopeful because hope leads to disappointment and I cannot absorb any more!

Today is your Tuesday, my Sunday. Tomorrow’s my Monday back at work. It’s amazing the healing power of rest and muscle recovery from a taxing 100% physically-taxing job!

While I don’t feel restored, I do feel these two days off have helped in regaining a modicum of energy. Because I’m still more tired than not, I’m trepiditious about getting through the physical demands on my energy (and resultant exhaustion) in the coming week.

Time’ll tell soon where I’ll be working a couple weeks from now. Just gotta be patient. And keep scrubbing them showers and floors and making them beds as if my life depended on it!

{Huh?! because that’s the definition of a survival job …}


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