Shouldering the world’s burdens and my own.

Today I enter into unchartered terrain of jin shin jyutsu.

Jin shin jyutsu. What’s that? I asked myself the same question even though I’m reasonably versed in Asian thought and healing modalities. (“I’m an Asian trapped in a Westerner’s body,” I oft quip.)

A simple introduction is found here. Basically, jin shin jyutsu is a healing of energy, blockages, imbalances and illness by the hands through pressure applied at certain points along energy pathways.

Though similar to acupressure and acupuncture, where it differs is that the former involves some hundreds of points and jin shin jyutsu only 26.

I was surprised to discover that my little town of some 40,000 has a jin shin jyutsu practitioner (perhaps even more than one)! The quirks and hidden eccentricities of Prescott ever delight!

Today’s session is both a beginning and culmination of a problem developed last year by sleeping on bad (or wrong) beds. Since I don’t have a bed, still don’t, I’ve relied on beds in rental rooms.

The second one in particular was so cheaply made and soft that after only one or two nights, I awoke with a searing pain in the left shoulder joint. I could not raise my arm or bend it but slightly. Neither could I turn my head to the left. The pain radiated from the neck to the fingertips on the left hand. Like stabbing pinpricks.

Long story short, chiropractic sessions had minimal to no effect. Of course I did what I could on my own but this was outside my reach. Speaking of reach, I had none! Every time I raised my left arm, the shoulder sent a shock wave of pain radiating!

Anyways, for months I just lived with the pain, stiffness and immobility of primarily the left neck, which cracked at every motion. Sometimes it cracked even when I wasn’t moving! That began in November.

Fast forward to April and official entry into Prescott. A third rental bed not suited to my body needs/type that’s putting nightly pressure and strain on an injured left shoulder & neck. Manageable pressure and strain.

To deal with extreme stress and frustration, I’d begun punching a punching bag and lifting weights and working out on a treadmill etc. at a small gym with a cheap fee. I’m not new to sports or weightlifting specifically, only to bag boxing.

Neither am I all macho about it! Especially after a long absence, I’m very moderate with the weights and machines and mindful of my body’s messages.

Whether something in the shoulder joint got ripped or damaged or something else, I dunno.

I know only that this same left shoulder that’s fought to withstand a good deal of abuse, unintended, by bad beds is somehow now broken. Clipped. Like a wing on a bird. It is severely injured. Even the simplest motion produces aggravation and irritation and inflammation that is very painful.

Even typing this blog is hurting.

I cannot simply buck up and press on through this pain and debilitation. We rely extraordinarily on our body structure and bones. Anyone who’s suffered back and joint injuries can attest to that. Structural injuries cannot be ignored. Not without extreme cost to quality of life and mind.

That’s the short record of how I got here. My left shoulder (and neck) are in critical condition. There is no bucking up and pushing through — a trait I mastered in infancy.

This is serious. Among other reasons, I’ve a job that is physically demanding. My body’s constantly moving. You cannot clean hotel rooms, strip beds and flap out billowy fresh sheets in remakes with one arm! You cannot!

As it is, I’m required to work at an unnatural frenzy! Even my natural two-armed pace is insufficient. One day of trying to do my job with one hand WILL NOT DO!!

It’s imperative if for no other reason that my left shoulder regain functionality so in order to do my job. That’s a terrible thing to write, I know. It means that my shoulder and I have value only as a slave and a worker. It’s a life theme rooted in childhood that deeply plagues and pains me still, relentlessly.

I’ve said enough for today.

In about an hour, I’m off into a fresh adventure of jin shin jyutsu! Shouldering the world’s burrdens is something I’ve always done quite well; shouldering a crippled shoulder … sometimes ya just gotta draw a line and say no.


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