I’m the tireless tortoise, not a hotel hare

My feet achey hurt.

My shoulder injury – a suspected torn rotator cuff — is painful, inflammed and inhibiting basic mobility.

I’m tired. Overextended. Just completed 6-1/2 hours of Go-Go-Going, pushing myself on “false energy,” to crank out full cleans at the job. No food. Insufficient water, particularly in this hot, dry Arizona climate.

Just pausing to drink from or refill a water bottle eats up time needed to hurry! hurry! hurry! and get those rooms cleaned.

In three days, I’ve worked thus far with two different gals, one 18 and the other 25-ish. Even in their youthful vigor they say it’s hard work. It is. I’ve got some 38 years on ’em and I’m dyin’, man!

Even in my vibrant youth, I was not a sprinter sort. I’m an endurance athlete; my musculature’s designed for the long haul, not speed. Try though I have, my body just cannot be made to go speedy-Gonzales fast.

This job requires that I ramp and rev at a speed doable not even in my prime. Risk of burnout is high. At 57, I can’t keep up pace with a 23-year-old.

After three days, I’m feeling some burnout already. At this pace, I’m having my doubts about whether I can physically do this job full time. In addition, the high-stress Go-Go-Go of my coworkers isn’t relaxing for me. Since I’m sooo sensitive to other people and my environment, their stress stresses me out.

After three days, two of them extremely busy and hard, I’m ready for a weekend. Turns out that the next two days are off. Then it’ll be five on. Honest to god, for as hard a worker as I am, for all my natural stamina, endurance and perseverance I embody, I must be honest. This is not a pace I can maintain. I can’t. Not even 10 Red Bulls could do the trick. Not that I drink them. I don’t.

Just sayin’ that there’s no substance that could transform my constitution into one suitable for this work.

I’m feeling down. And I feel badly for feeling down so early into a new job. I’m glad to have something productive and paid to do with my time. In short, the tasks aren’t outside my league. The super-duper Push-Push-Push Go-Go with no breaks for rest or refreshment do not bode well for health, balance or longevity.

That’s all for tonight.


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