Jumping into the cleanser with both feet

Ironic. I work in a place of rest and rest was anything but available to me yesterday!

Yesterday was day 1 at the new job. Day 1 at any job is always the hardest. You know nothing. You’ve no knowledge base to draw from and no idea where tools are and no idea what to do or whom to contact when things go wrong or, simply, “not according to the perfect stress-free day.” Haha, like THAT ever happens!

Even the easiest job is made arduous by the nature of The First Day.

Once again, I am a hotel housekeeper because there are zero jobs in my field (writing/editing/communications/publishing here. Like food service, cleaning is my survival job. I’m deeply sorry that it’s come to this again … another round of menial minimum-wage labor to add to the 10 years of it (minus three years of the darkest chapter of unemployment in Washington state).

That said, it’s something productive and a way to be of service. It is not, however, the final stop on the train!

Soo, in addition to all the struggle and stress and unease and confusion of the first day, the workload size was exceptional. The gal training me who’s been there two months said she’d seen it like that only one other time! Along with X-number of stayovers, we had 20 checkouts! That is A LOT! We were so backed up at the that some five girls jumped in to help clear the deck!

A madhouse, it was, with rags flying, sprays spraying, towels folded and hung, furniture dusted, carpets vacuumed! By that time, I hit my wall. My brain was on overload. I could take in no more.

Mind you, by then, the physical fatigue of Go Go Go all day with no break or meals — and barely time to drink water in the hot day — didn’t help the cause. I was overwrought and ready to call it a day and head to my favorite pub for a gallon of cold craft beer!

Maybe a gallon is overstating.

Anyways, thanks to everyone pitching in, we got it done. However, there was no fun being had in Mudville. I left extremely tired and overwrought.

Talk about jumping into the ocean with both feet!

Or liquid cleanser as the case may be. 🙂


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