WHOOHOOO! Work, here I come!!!

Yesterday ’twas the local Sprouts store that sprouted! Today it’s I!

I Am Finally Employed!

Took nine months of efforts! — about half of ’em comprised of roundtrips of some 300 miles (483 km) between my former town/residence and here. Add another two months of actually living here and looking looking looking — ohmigawd so looking! — for employment.

And I don’t mean fucking 10 minutes on craigslist then calling it a day and kicking back on your lazy ass to collect unemployment or “disability” (the newfound unemployment trick and what a crock!) from our federal socialist government that ENCOURAGES takers! The new Americans.

I mean meticulously sifting through job sites and ads of all sorts … of hitting the pavement … driving here … filling out applications there … driving there … filling out more applications here … talking to people … networking … asking strangers in lines and baristas and pub mates whether they know of anyone who’s hiring.

I mean, I REALLY WORKED IT. There is not a thing I could’ve done better — or differently — to better the odds of getting employment. I say in humility: not a thing.

So all the more reason to lift my hands in triumph!

How it happened is an interesting tale but I’m not inclined to recount it. The excitement and the RELIEF — R-E-L-I-E-F — grab the spotlight!

I’m such a worker. I need to work, want to work, go insane when NOT working, contributing and serving. (Freak modern American, I know!)

So as excited as I am to have an income again — and relieved — I’m more excited to have something constructive to do with my time. Something to get up for in the morning that isn’t a tiring and tireless search for a job that ends up futile 99.999999999 percent of the time. I didn’t invent the word “discouragement” or “despair” or “dispirited” … but I could have!!

At the moment, I’m not inclined to say what the job is … only that it is NOT a career position. Has no relationship to writing and editing and crafting with words.

It’s a physical job in a service industry with minimum-wage pay. However, there are pluses (that can be cited another time).

I start tomorrow. Tomorrow! Tomorrow MORNING! 8:30. This night owl hasn’t risen at the 7 o’clock-ish hour in a loooong time! Time-zone shock ahead for sure!

Anyways, I wanted to put it out there! I’m employed again! (NO THANKS TO DARTH OBAMA AND HIS PROGRESSIVE MARXIST MINIONS!!!!! Seriously.)

Another step forward in my new town of two months, officially. Another achievement. Another landing of the feet in the town I love.


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