Sprouts is Sprouted in Prescott!

Sprouts is sprouted in Prescott!

That is, more officially, Prescott Valley, on Prescott’s perimeter, here in northern Arizona.

For those unfamiliar, Sprouts Farmers Market is a chain of stores offering a truly wide array of healthful foods and products. Okay, I’d be remiss if I failed to mention that not EVERY item is healthful! Their stores do have cakes and cookies and other sweets with sugar.

That’s such a small portion of what’s served up at Sprouts! They’ve got for instance a deli and fresh sushi and bakery with cool breads and a great selection of wines and beers and aisles with all variety of health and body care products and fresh produce and bins of nuts and coffee and dairy section with uncommon containers of flaxseed milk … you get the idea.

Closest comparison is Whole Foods — aka Whole Paycheck — but comparatively far more affordable.

So that’s Sprouts and today was its grand opening. Ohmigawd! Take away the specials and coupons and incentives to pay a visit and people still woulda flooded the store! I waited until afternoon, 2:30-ish, thinking the crowd woulda died down some.

Boy was I wrong!!

The lines snaked into the store’s center! The place was swarming with folks who knew of Sprouts (including myself) and are excited that it’s here and others unfamiliar who’d heard good about it.

Strolling staff offered samples of brittle, chips, cookies, sugarfree chocolate and beer — yes, craft beer from the local Prescott Company Brewery!

The staff’s friendliness and cheerfulness were awesome, especially given the daylong tsunami of people, the joviality and anticipatory spirit of the patrons palpable!

You could say Christmas arrived six months early for the enthusiasm and good cheer among shoppers and staff alike.

Though I’d gone in primarily to check it out and buy a handful of items, one look at the lines and I decided “Nyet! Another time.”

Instead, I perused the aisles, swooned over their gorgeous fresh produce and weighed the options in their surprisingly substantial protein powders section.

I sampled the local beer that I’d had many, many times at the pub — is it still considered a sample if you’d had it prior? Was surprised by the pleasantness of the dark chocolate made with stevia and took mental notes for future purchases when the crowds die down. IF they die down! 🙂 No time soon, I predict.

Sprouts is going to do extraordinarily well here. The demographics are right. Location, location, location: fantastique! Quality foods and goods that are affordable. A wide selection of items from eclectic to familiar. And great hours: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

I join the flock in welcoming Sprouts to Prescott & Prescott Valley! You’ll find your place in this friendly community quickly. Starting, uh, today!


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