This Ol’ Gal’s Biting the (Nutri) Bullet

There comes a point in the lives of most when you ain’t so young no more … when words like “arthritis” and “slowed metabolism” and “risk of dementia” and “glaucoma” creep into your vocabulary.

I’ve not started reading the obits yet. It’d be moot since I’m in a new town and know so few people. In about another 10 years though … 😉

So as you get up there in the years, you realize that not only can you not do the stuff you did in your teens, 20s, even 30s.

Like staying up all night with few to no consequences; now, it takes me three days to recover.

Like eating poorly and still maintaining health; now, I can’t consume even a quarter the amount of sugar of my youth without bouncing and peeling myself off walls.

Like drinking and smoking and parting and still being able to function at full capacity, or nearly so, the next day.

And getting sick in youth, chances are you’ll be back on your feet in a day or two; now, I’m fortunate if I’m over it in five.

All of which leads to this:

Life experience, health issues through the years and a general maturing have forced many changes in attitude and diet. Though I’m hardly of the same seemingly imperishable stock of Keith Richards, all in all my body’s held up pretty well given all the abuse and neglect through a good part of my life. I’ve relied heavily on my good German stock while, admittedly, paying insufficient heed to a body system that’s in fact also quite delicate and sensitive.

Meet my new buddy:


The NutriBullet.

I’ve never been one for smoothies. Except as milkshakes. Even way back when they were all the new rage, my interest was nil. For the past year-plus, however, I’ve had this niggling inclination to get going with smoothies — especially ones heavy on veggies. I’m not much of a fruits person. Ditto fruit juices.

Recent health issues, among other things, have finally led me to, ahem, bite the bullet. Costco has this model, which got excellent reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. It also comes with an extremely educational hardbound book called “Natural Healing Foods.”

In addition to oodles of smoothie recipes, the book includes individualized and illuminating sections on different areas of the body, i.e., Role of the Circulatory System, Components of the Immune System, Components of the Digestive System. It’s well-illustrated and -written and user friendly, even for the biology novice (which incidentally I’m not).

Rather than rushing in with one giant leap, I’m treading into the smoothies pool diligently and thoughtfully and learning about which foods do what and which pair nicely with others in a bullet.

I’m excited to rev it up tomorrow! I’m excited to introduce a new food group, if you will — aka smoothies. I’m excited to see my body response and hopefully improved health. I’m excited to see where this all leads me in terms of positive energy and attitude. Stay tuned.

So yeah, biting the (Nutri) bullet! Like a buddy always says, “Aging ain’t for sissies.”


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