This babe’s been “shot” by NutriBullet

I’ve been shot — “bulletized” — by the NutriBullet!

To follow up on yesterday’s post about my fresh nutritional direction and acquisition of the NutriBullet, I began this morning with my first smoothie!

I lie. I actually began it with coffee. Now, I’m not a breakfast eater (and never have been since completing childhood). Coffee’s been my “breakfast” for many years. That may change as I move forward into better health and healthful practices.

My very first smoothie! If I sound ridiculously excited, I am! As mentioned in the prior post, I’ve never been into smoothies (except milkshakes) and naturally have never owned a smoothie tool.

My world’s growing and expanding and so am I!

Though I’m a good cook, I’m not versed in the art and science of combining veggies and fruits and nuts, oh my! in a powerhouse bullet. So I’ve researched quite a lot of smoothie recipes sites and read the most excellent literature that came with the NutriBullet.

With a focus on veggies and greens, yesterday I stocked the fridge with healthful ingredients — a feat in and of itself! I’ve been really craving beets so made sure to get those.

Here’s my very first concoction!


And, for the record, the back side of that special glass from Prescott’s 150th birthday bash over the weekend:


Not exactly an amber, is it? 😉

That’s a small beet, mixed greens (kale, spinach, chard), baby carrots, blueberries, tomato and flaxseed. Whirred with water.

Ohmigoodness! Sooooo tasty! My body hollered in delight and shock! “What’s this?! What’s this?!? REAL food?!?!”

I confess that real food on any regular basis is a foreign practice. Apart from my decade in Japan, where I ate pretty regularly and well, I’ve flown by the seat of my pants and relied heavily on that strong German constitution.

Which, after 57 years, is fraying at the seams.

A fun adventure this is going to be! Reacquainting myself with health and better living and body/health respect.

And smoothies! Who’d a-gusssed it’d come to this after years of rugged living!

The selection of ingredients is limited only by imagination! Well, OK, availability too. I’m a babe in the “bulletized” woods and the world’s my oyster. As an ingredient in my smoothies, perhaps not so much. :-p


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