Renaming Craigslist to Craigshitlist

I’m so damn sick of the craigslist jobs — “jobs” — category that I could scream, strangle someone or both!

Anyone who uses craigslist for job opportunities — “opportunities” — should know of the rampant — R-A-M-P-A-N-T — scammer ads that’ve taken over the category. As a very longtime and regular craigslist user — forced into daily regularity by a lack of employment — I can really speak to how downgraded craigslist has become over the years. Some 95 percent of the job ads are bullshit, written by cockroach scammers.

Craigslist is become craigshit list. Craigslist is the enabler.

How so?

Granted, with so many spammers run amok, the craigslist powers that be can’t possibly keep up with ’em all and delete the ads accordingly.

Craigslist HAS to rely on its users to flag the shit ads. And I do and I know others do, regularly and faithfully.

I personally also post ads warning others of ads that are proven scammers. I copy-paste the BS crap replies that these scamming/phishing “employers” send in response to your resume submission.

And what happens EVERY TIME? The scammers flag YOU. Yes, they flag those of us who are fighting the good fight, warning others of the CRAP BS ADS.

And then craigslist deletes YOU. You being the good guy. YOu being the person serving as the eyes and ears for craigslist by posting the Spam Warnings and Alerts that they can’t, won’t or don’t.

I am so damn fed up with doing the right thing on craigslist — only to be penalized by having my helpful ad flagged by the shit scammers and removed by craiglist!!!

I am done. I’m done doing what’s right. Done waiting for CRAIGSLIST to do what’s right by deleting the SCAMMERS and not those of us who are fighting that good — albeit endless — fight.

I wrote my complaint to the powers that be. Will they respond? Who’s to say. I won’t hold my breath. Doesn’t matter anyway. Craigslist has gone sooooo downhill that I can’t be bothered any longer to contribute my part to fix it.

Like cream, the shit always rises to the top and takes over. Craigslist job ads are no exception.

There’s a special place in Hades for spammers.

And not far behind is a place reserved for those who enable them.

Toot, toot, all aboard! Have fun on your ride, craigshitlist enablers.


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