M is for a maybe move

It’s neither a decision I wanted to make nor one that could’ve been predicted when I moved into my current digs last month.

Given the untenable roommate situation, it is best that I put pedal to the metal, find a new place to live and physically complete the move by Saturday, June 7, at 4:56 a.m. PST, when Mercury turns retrograde.

That’s 12 days from now. Sounds like a lot but it is NOT. It’s a landlords’ market here BIG TIME. Hell, it took many many months just to land this rental room. Not that miracles never happen. That’s prob’ly what it’ll take for this to happen.

The situation’s made tricky and confining by, yes, that dearth of housing. Moreover, there’s the looming 3-1/2-weeklong Mercury retro starting June 7, which from that point excludes all of June for securing lodgings — unless I’m willing to take on the MR effect, which I’m really not.

There’s also that niggling contractual term requiring 30 days’ notice. That has potential to either extend my stay longer than I want or force double rent should I find new digs. Yuck to each!

The retro’s definitely a force to be respected. However, it really doesn’t leave me much time to get a place found, a contract signed and a move made by June 6.

Unfortunately, even that best-case scenario doesn’t liberate me from my current lease. And I know my roommate will not be generous or understanding about letting me out early even if she could get a new tenant in the next day or two — which she could — and suffer no financial loss. Rental rooms are THAT much in hot demand here.

My thoughts on the matter are sound, reasonable and logical. However, they won’t win the day with a roommate who has shown strong irrational actions and dictates.

Anyhow, I’m committed now to the search for a new place that’s affordable (less than I pay now) with immediate occupancy. I’ll give it my best effort.

I’ll hope that the housing gods smile upon me in the next few days, when I REALLY need this to happen.

And I’ll hope that wherever I go, if I go, will be a space supportive — which, sadly, I still define simply as “won’t hurt me.”

Or imprison me.

That’s the latest. More to come soon.


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