Downtime. Not in a good way.

Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

Headache, headache, everywhere, nor any drop of relief.

I’ve written before of migraines, a subject of which I know much too much and yet still know not my triggers or, equally vital, tools of avoidance.

Today isn’t about migraines but headaches (and the differences are HUUUUUUGE). Today I’ve got “a regular headache,” for lack of a better descriptor. It’s, however, not a “routine headache” eased by aspirin, anti-inflammatory or homeopathic remedy. I tried.

I get headaches very very frequently these days. This one doesn’t have the crushing head-in-a-vise pain of many of my headaches. And it’s not a migraine.

And it’s not a headache relieved by eating — tried that — or increased water intake.

If I had to describe, I’d say it’s a medium-level tension headache. In other words, the vise is on but it’s not been tightened to crushing; it’s a “mere” constant hard pressure.

Yikes. Even that’s no fun.

My headaches have grown so frequent that I’m concerned. If I had insurance, which I’ve not had since 2004 — a moot point since Obama is purposefully DECIMATING our marvelous health care system — and a decent job — again, moot since Obamacare’s eradicating employer plans CONVENIENTLY after the coming midterms — I’d go get checked. Which is a LOT for me to say because I am DOCTOR UNFRIENDLY. I will do EVERYTHING I can possibly do NOT to go, including getting super super super super sick. I’d get an MRI just to make sure there’s nothing going on inside the brain or skull that I need to know about.

I’m up there in the years and like my friend Harley says, “Aging ain’t for sissies.” So true. Fact is, I shouldn’t be getting headaches like this and I can’t help but wonder or fear the possible reasons.

But then again, we shouldn’t have a Socialist Marxist destroying the American health care system and country as a whole. But what the hell can I do? I didn’t vote for the Darth Vader motherfucker from the Dark Side.

+ + +

In other news, 1-1/2 months living here and looking for work and still unemployed. Nothing more I care to add.

+ + +

In still other news, things at home have gone south (per two prior posts), never to be returned to their former “innocence” — again for lack of a better word. I know now who I’m living with — a Mistress of the House who stubbornly refuses to listen to acknowledge or appreciate me (apart from the fact that I clean up after myself in the kitchen). She’s the Boss. She’s the Issuer of the Dictates, the Enforcer of the Rules. She holds all the cards. Goddamn, I’m treated like a 9-year-old child by a mean mommy and daddy!

It’s a doomed arrangement and a matter of time — and timing — until I can wave bye-bye and be on my merry way. Or merrier.

Getting a job is first and foremost for without a source of income, no landlord will rent a studio/private space to me. And not just ANY job but a job that PAYS. It costs to live solo.

I could go on but suddenly I’ve hit a wall. A wall of a headache. It’s like that with my headaches, when thinking is brought to a grinding halt by stultifying pain or ache. Pressing on becomes an impossible task.

Downer post as a consequence of an unrelenting headache. The result is always DOWNtime but not in a good way. 🙂


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