Solitude too sweet to surrender on this Sunday

Not easy to leave a house of solitude on a Sunday!

My two housemates happen to off away on separate adventures. One of ’em returns in a couple days, then the other the next, rendering this full space to myself short-lived.

Much as I wanted to attend the weekly Sunday writing circle at the cool cafe with mmmm-mmmmmm-good Americanos, once the silence of the house hit me, I decided “nah.” This solitude is rare. The solitude is too sweet to surrender.

Three dogs — not mine, a housemate’s — are present and their company is more than fine, it’s welcomed. I like dog-sitting very much.

So I’m soaking up the solitude while I can before the house is returned to its usual whirlwind status in a few days.

Unfortunately, the weather’s not as fine as yesterdays. A chilly wind slices the sunny spring warmth of the air. So much for hanging out in my side yard. “Yard” is a stretch. It’s a long narrow stretch of dirt bordered by a house and low stone wall.

Fortunately what’s beyond is quite pretty indeed. Pines and purple irises withered overnight (possibly by cold? and hillsides of dirt and, yeah, ok, weeds and spacious blue sky.

I really enjoy sitting out there — an old chair cushion loaned by a housemate my seat on a slab of concrete and my backrest the wooden side of the house. That’s my chair! Hey, it’s cheap!

I enjoy my morning coffee out there. My beer and tortilla chips. I enjoy blogging out there, seated on the hard cement, with only that thin cushion buffering.

There’s even an outdoor outlet! … helpful and sorely needed because I’m lucky if I get 20 minutes of battery juice on this OLD OLD OLD laptop.

I mean old. I mean I need to get a new one and move into this decade.

And there’s still the Sunday paper to read. I’m a new subscriber and a happy one. A post for another day.

Anyhow, I’m feeling pretty good this Sunday (and this Mother’s Day). The absence of the housemates and subsequent quieting of the house are helping me regroup and center and breathe.

And being dog caretaker, well, that’s always a feel-good! Toodles and Happy Mother’s Day to each mother, whatever her situation with her child. I never exclude or forget the birth mothers or adoptive mothers on this day.


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