Uninvited basil guest is really bugging me.

Something’s eating my basil. And it’s ticking me off.

Not that I suspect ticks are the culprit. đŸ™‚

It’s basil season and I bought a healthy and vibrant plant some 8-10 inches high at Trader Joe’s (free plug for their good plants and interesting foods).

I researched its needs and have been moving it between my study, which gets bright but minimal direct sunlight, and outdoors for full sun it requires.

Whether it “picked something up” in the yard, from the large plant in the study or arrived bearing some microscopic pest, I can’t know.

But *something” invisible to the naked eye’s nibbling away at leaves developed and tender newbies.

Basil, I’ve since learned online, is a hearty plant but finicky and more subject to minor mishaps than you’d think for a robust Mediterranean creature that thrives in the sunny hot climate (not desert).

I’m the first to admit I’ve got a black thumb. Not intentionally certainly. I really like plants actually. In the big scheme, however, for the plants’ sake, it’s best that I enjoy them in others’ homes.

And if I’m to take one on — which I’ve done numerous times, most of them rescue plants — again, it’s best for their sake, and mine, that the plant be super hearty and independent and inherently as immune from the black thumb — or at least a brown one — as possible.

As for the basil, not sure what to do. It’s looking kinda sad. Possibly a change of soil to a high-drainage one would help.

However, that brings risk of a setback since basil in particular is prone to deep shock after a transplant.

Alternatively/in addition to, I could try a basil-safe insecticide (that I’d research prior, of course).

It’s positive and promising sign that basil’s still producing lil’ leaves.

Damn that invisible unseen pest that’s dining on MY meal! Looove me tomatoes with fresh basil, mozzarella & olive oil! An uninvited guest to be sure. It’s really {ahem} bugging me and I want him on the next flight to Elsewhere!


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