Migraine relief test turns (ice cream) cold.

In the name of scientific research toward a cure for migraines, I gave it a good shot.

As pledged in the prior post, I did conduct my test and repeated ingestion of cashews, Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake ice cream and hot lemonade with a shot of rye whiskey at bedtime after they’d seemingly eradicated the migraines & severe headaches I’d been having.

I’m sorry to announce that I won’t be receiving the Nobel Prize in medicine or science.

I woke up this morning with a dull pressure headache. Less than a migraine but achey enough to downgrade the day.

Perhaps my methodology is to blame. I did not strictly adhere to the sequence of cashews then ice cream then whiskey then bed of the previous night. Rather, I consumed them across a couple hours.

Too, I confess that I was more greedy with the ice cream the second time around.

Which necessarily completes this portion of the research. Yes, after onbly two days, the pint of Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake is gone. Finished. Finito. {hangs head in shame}

I shan’t be buying a second pint at this time — even in the name of research toward migraine relief that could potentially earn me millions — for one reason. One very simple reason and two words: Weak willpower.

Despair not, I may resume the study at a later date. And if indeed I do discover that the synergy of cashews, Ben & Jerry’s and hot whiskeyed lemonade relieves migraines, y’all will be the first second to know. After the Nobel Prize committee.


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