Ben & Jerry, Old Man Overholt and migraines. (No, really.)

Normalcy is returned!

My version of it, that is to say.

Little more than 12 hours ago, I was writing about migraines and severe headaches and their recent return and I should add frequency.

Scratching my head, I ruminated about the elusiveness of their triggers, causes and cures. Despite common belief (read: misconception), the causes of migraines are not universal! They’re unique to the individual and as varied.

For one person, red wine or chocolate or dairy products are triggers. For another, myself included, these substances have no triggering effect whatsoever.

This huge variety of causes, possible causes and causes eliminated through one’s own trial and error processes (in my case, painstakingly so) is partly what makes migraines so damn complicated and hard to “cure.”

Rather, control because migraines aren’t “curable” because they have a genetic component. Research bears that out. Migraines are hereditary. If you get them, it means someone in your lineage also did. You may not know who it is but be assured, there’s someone in your family background to blame! (haha)

(BTW, yes, my only sibling also gets them; we don’t know which of our parents or relatives did.)

I walked my way into this brief discourse on one simple and very good prompt: I got up this morning WITHOUT A HEADACHE!! Now THAT is news!!

You see, every day this week has been migraine- (or severe headache-) afflicted. It’s a rotten way to wake up, even a more rotten way to live through a day.

And yet again, as if to reinforce and remind of the migraine mystery, there’s no evidential reason why I awoke today free of a headache … and did not in these several days prior!

My daily activities weren’t changed, neither bedtime altered nor activities prior … though I do admit I had a handful of cashews, a small serving of Ben & Jerry’s red velvet cake ice cream — first try, verdict: eh, so-so — and hot lemonade with a shot of rye whiskey just before.

Could it be the red velvet cake ice cream that cured my migraine as I slumbered!?

And if so, does it have to be red velvet cake? Or would any Ben & Jerry’s flavor do?

Or perhaps it was the shot of Old Overholt?!

How flattered would old man Abraham Overholt (1784-1870), distiller and farmer, be to learn that his product cures migraines?!

Or perhaps it’s the synergy of cashews, ice cream and a hot lemoned whiskey?

Haven’t a clue but I’ll tell you what. I’m game for a repeat tonight! Quite the undertaking it shall be! Anything for scientific research toward potential cures, I say {with enthusiastic conviction}!


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