Casino job ain’t a good bet

As hungry as I am for a job, and desperate, that’s a job I don’t wanna do — and shouldn’t do.

Just had an interview for a custodian at the big local casino with a panel of three. Yes, a panel for a custodian! Reportedly panel interviews are conducted even for the lowliest casino position. Tribal regulations I guess (unlike in Nevada and elsewhere, Arizona casinos are tribal owned).

Of the three ladies, I felt that only one and I connected. They read questions off a prepared list — questions like “when was a time at work when you had to make a decision quickly?” and “how do you think your coworkers perceive you and is it howe you perceive yourself?”

Questions like that: “Tell us about a time when X happened or when you did Y” require digging into the memory bank and extracting an answer from a plethora of jobs ranging from high-end editing and writing positions in Tokyo to gutter positions at the warehouse and food service.

{I actually used that word, “gutter.” Whoops! Didn’t mean them to misconstrue it as a WORTHLESS job, rather a job with some real low lifes, starting with the boss!!}

Anyhow, cleaning inside a smoke-filled casino eight hours a day five days a week isn’t a good move health-wise or for my respiratory system, my weakest area by far. In fact, the ladies mentioned that they’d hired people who quit after three days, unable to handle the smoke. It’s a toxic cloud for sure inside a very small casino (i.e., nothing close to Las Vegas humongous!).

Also, a casino’s hardly a good environment emotionally or mentally; I’ll say no more than that.

Last but not least, the hours SUCK! 5 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. As a night owl, I blanche. Even a late shift wouldn’t add appeal to this job. And the pay, well, it’s a low-end service cleaning job so you do the math …

If there’s an offer, there’s then a substantial background check, credit check, references check, drug check and licensing fee to pay (out of own pocket) … it’s a tribal casino, after all … and about a 3-week wait. So whoever gets the job won’t start for about another month, which is much too late for me.

After the half-hour interview, I drove away praying aloud NOT to get the job! (I’ll know soon enough as they intend to decide within days.) This just isn’t the job for me. Much as I need a job — lord knows I do! — all things taken into account, it’s just not a positive or healthful environment for me.

Summary: This casino job ain’t a good bet for moi. But glad for the interview and the practice at the panel version.

Better that it go to someone else — like a heavy smoker who won’t be diseased by the chemical cloud, for starters! On this one, dear universe, I have to pass and I pray that you bring me the right job and the good job. Please hurry! I’ve not much time until the money’s gone and I’m quote-unquote a flailing fish on the shore.


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