My oh my, the migraine returns

I’ve got a migraine.

Been a while since I’ve had one. I used to get ’em regularly. So frequently that they became a lifestyle. A lifestyle unwanted, mind you.

The “aura” common among migraineurs struck last night. Had hoped sleep might spare me the migraine’s pqin, discomfort, disorientation and overall debilitation.

It didn’t.

Rather than recount even an abbreviated history of lengthy years with migraines, the search for their roots/triggers and effective relief, I want only to note that it’s baaaaaaaaack after a considerable absence. Its onset is no more decipherable now than before.

As if migraines aren’t tortuous enough! Their triggers have gotta be nigh impossible to figure out! Wouldn’t wish ’em on anyone. Well, perhaps a couple individuals — former bosses, both. {teasing}

Eventually this migraine will work its way through. I only hope that today’s is a fluke and not a re-emergence of migraines that made a recent years of my life downright miserable.

A migraine … arrests the thinking process — mildly to extremely so. Normal comprehension ceases to be. Even the simplest tasks, like tying shoes or driving or drying dishes, become taxing. Retrieving basic data, like one’s name or address, is an uncomfortable to gargantuan effort depending on the migraine’s severity.

Migraines aren’t super super super bad headaches. They’re an entity unto themselves, rife with mystery and for some so debilitating that Life Stops for days. It all stops — activity, brain functioning; even running on auto-pilot ceases to be an option. Migraines are unique to the individual, which is what makes them so damn elusive in terms of triggers and relief.

Today’s migraine is not the worst I’ve ever had but as any migraineur will tell you, even a mild one can ruin your day and lay you up across all levels, mentally, emotionally and physically. Will know soon enough whether this is that “fluke” … say, nine hours after my head hits the pillow tonight. My migrained head, that is.


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