Day 2 at the new job & I was ready for bed(s) when I woke up!

I’m happy it’s a new day. And I’m tired.

I’m tired from the pace of yesterday’s first day at the job. Then, et again, I didn’t sleep well for ongoing bed issues (severely so since last November). Relatedly, my unhealed neck injury is “springing back to life.”

I lay away for a coupla hours in the middle of the night, unable to sleep. Knowing well that I needed to be up in a matter of hours for the new job, I refused to look at the clock. Until I had to, after deciding to add 20 minutes to the wake-up time to somehow “compensate” for the two hours lost in the wee hours! Yeah, right.

Today’s a new day, however, and it brings new tasks to learn at the new job, unofficially — which is to say this is still a tryout stage. Frankly, I hope that it involves making beds — a serious art in the finer hotels like this. That the old-coot owner is particularly picky in a crazy way, from all reports, doubles the pressure

I love making beds with the tight military corners, fluffing and arranging the pillows so they look nice and all that.

I’ll prefer that to cleaning bathrooms at a 4 Red Bulls speed, in no small part because my lungs strongly reacted to the cleaning spray. Inhaling the spray really aggravated my respiratory system — my weakest area in a long history of pneumonia, bronchitis and so on. My chest is tight and painful today; it became so while working and I thought “uh oh. I’m gonna have to find a way to be very conservative with the spray while still achieving the high level of cleanliness.”

Could be tricky, especially when zipping through 10 bathrooms a day! So beds-making here I come! I hope.

Speaking of beds and rest, I gotta run. The job calls. Will be interesting to see how Day 2 goes. Toodles.


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