Day 1 at the new job: Go go go! And go some more!


In a good way and a potentially quick burnout way.

Such is the first day at the job. Go-go-go describes this cleaning job at the hotel.

Bypassing specifics,it’s highly-physical and demanding work with a high bar. This ain’t Motel 6. No offense Motel 6, I love ya!!

Since it’s a higher-end historic property, details are all-important and SPEED SPEED SPEED! There’s deep cleaning and stayovers and checkouts and vacuuming the long hallways and hauling out numerous bags of trash and laundry and getting rooms prepped for check-ins b the check-in time and hastening here to get this and hurrying there to get the housekeeping carts back into the closet before our 15-minute breaks because the owner doesn’t care for them left in the hallways.

The list goes on but I’m too tired to recount it!! haha (?)

The work pace is tiring. That we get only two 15-minute breaks per shift, regardless of its length, be it 6 hours or 9, is taxing. No break to eat or rest or replenish briefly.

I hesitate to use the word “slavedriver” because at least upon initial impression none of my supervisors fits that description. However, the owner, an old man in his 70s or thereabouts, sounds like someone who has his finger in every pie and if there ain’t a pie, he’ll bake one up to nitpick and demand things that aren’t really realistic or efficient or helpful to the employees.

Just my early take.

Also, I’m no spring chicken so the go-go-go pace with no real rest or as I mentioned even time to take a meal possibly portends rapid burnout.

Time’ll tell and soon enough.

Meanwhile, on this, my first day of work, I got a phone message/response to an application also for cleaning at another establishment. Of course!

Feeling neither yay nor nay, I’m gonna keep goin’ with the flow … follow up on leads or invitations to interview if the jobs seems worthy of pursing.

Moving forward is integral to this new chapter.

So are eating well, sleeping and taking care of myself at this job. It’s a wringer — as in wringing a wet towel — and the accompanying demands for self-care can’t be overlooked without consequence.

All in all, it feels great to be working again, to be making money again (addendum: it’s underpaid work for what it involves) and to have something productive to do.

Even if I am tired — and I am and this is only my Monday! — it’s good to come home and EAT this evening (since I had no time or opportunity for a meal all day). The feeling of accomplishment is good.*

*the typical modern American has NO concept of this and would vehemently disagree, preferring the lack of personal contribution and achievement of a life as a ward of the state, aka socialism, aka Obama and his progressive minions.

(Not gonna talk politics! A sidebar worthy of mention …)

Time will reveal how Day 2 at the new job, unofficially, goes.


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