First day at the new job, unofficially!

I’m an hour away from starting a new job.

Unofficially. Meaning today and possibly tomorrow are trial runs (paid – wheew!). Do they like me, do I like them, can I do the work. Of course I can do the work. Like I’ve oft said, including in interviews: Never met a job I couldn’t do or learn!

{Boy, I really do need a WA 12-step program … Workaholics Anonymous.}

In this case, I could do the work in my sleep. Not that I would! My work ethics compel me work with diligence and alertness even if I’m bored out of my mind and wishing I COULD sleep through it!

I digress. I couldn’t say I’m excited about returning to cleaning. Especially after having quote-unquote made a living as a freelance writer, specifically a features writer / reporter / editor / photographer for a little weekly paper. That really suited me. Well, it’s my calling so I guess it would!

The pay, however, was another matter, not to mention the shady behaviors from “the powers that be” … all of which signaled that it wasn’t just time to move on but essential if I hoped to keep living and paying my bills.

No regrets save those shady behaviors and being taken advantage of.

It’s a new day and a new town and a new chapter and in some minutes a new job. Or about to be.

I was getting around to saying that I’m not excited to be cleaning again — especially after writing for a living. Like food service, cleaning is my go-to industry when I need to survive.

I would like this to be about more than survival this round. I’d like this job to, yes, get me back into action and to open doors to better. Better money.

Opportunities unforeseen to advance my life down the path intended by destiny and the divine. A better lifestyle (i.e., one that doesn’t involve getting up at my crack of dawn!).

I would like this job to bring opportunities to meet people and grow into community involvement. I would like this job, survivor job that it is, to hasten my personal evolution and relationships with others. So long have I survived in darkness and isolation. I know that the time to come out from under the rock is overdue.

So in that aspect, in simplicity, I’d like this job to be supportive of my present, certainly, and equally importantly my future.

These are my prayerful thoughts poised some 40 minutes from the start of a new job — unofficially (haha, have I already said that?).

The worst thing I could do is slide back into the mire of depression and slavery, in mind, thought and action, and accept being a cleaner or dishwasher or some other version of a menial laborer as my fate.

It’s easy to believe that it is because of my past and childhood.

Internal growth is hard. Personal change is challenging. I doubt it comes easily to anyone. However, I feel the forces of life and the universe in my favor and supporting me HERE. In this town of Prescott. Specifically.

Let things happen.


Go with the flow.

The message from the universe as I start my new job, unofficially. 😉 … in 34 minutes. Not that I’m counting or anything …


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