A good egg for a good egg.

Happy Easter to all!

Whether you be Christian, Buddhist, atheist or anything else under the sun, I wish everyone a Hoppy Easter! Yeah, I said it. 😉

+ + +

Interesting how things shook down from my last post.

I didn’t hear back from the lady at the nice chain hotel (re: bringing me in on a higher wage) and am “waiting” for her response to my phone message.

Because he was busy, I also didn’t meet the executive chef for the dishwashing interview but one of his subordinates, a young dude who wouldn’t stop talking!! This is an INTERVIEW, eh?!

Fortunately the head housekeeper at the historic hotel and I hit it off plus she was very impressed with my cleaning experience (not really bragging about that, I’D RATHER BE WRITING FOR A LIVING!!!).

Nonetheless, that interview went well enough that I was invited in tomorrow for a trial run & see whether they like me and I like them. I’m not worried. I’m ready to work and get my body moving and begin the next stage of my new & reinvented life here. If all goes well, I’ll be brought on officially.

I still can’t believe that in three short weeks, I’ve found a place to live (room to rent, got moved in — and everything that entails, including MASSIVE cleaning and organizing! — AND after numerous interviews landed a job!

The stars are aligned and the forces with me because this just doesn’t happen to me!! I quiver saying that, expecting the good to be ripped out from under my feet. I shouldn’t say that. Nonetheless, I do to best illustrate this positive change in the tide.

Tomorrow morning. 10 o’clock. At the historic downtown hotel wearing my working clothes. The mission: Deep cleaning a cordoned-off section of the hotel.

Let the adventure unfold!

The Easter bunny deposited a good egg (a job) for a good egg (me). 🙂


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