Rolling toward a job — somewhere.

I’m excited.

Not an original start to a post yet true. In a mere hour, I’ve a second interview at an historic hotel downtown’s Whiskey Row, smack dab in the action past, present and future. A prime piece of real estate they’d say.

After clearing interview 1 with the manager, I today meet the housekeeping supervisor, who’d be my direct boss. Having been self-employed and effectively my own boss, I cringe at the concept of working under someone else’s authority and dictates and simultaneously being forced to relinquish my own. Like my dad and sister, I’m cut out for working for myself.

That acknowledged, fact is I still need a job and employer at this time, I love historic buildings, the details and craftsmanship of the old wood, the interior smells, the tales they tell.

They need a housekeeper “yesterday,” I’m told, so I shouldn’t be kept waiting on pins and needles too long.

In other (related) news on this Friday morning of April 18, I’ve still not heard back from the very nice big chain hotel (on top of the hill by Costco) about a wage offer.

There, too I had two interviews, the second with the manager in the housekeeping supervisor’s effort to bring me in on a higher wage.

I cringed visibly when she’d announced the wage of about a dime over minimum! For tough high-paced meticulous cleaning at a high-end property and with my years of experience in it!

Hence she turned it over to her boss, who has final say on wages. That was kind of her to go to bat for me.

It’s in my best interest to hold my cards close to my chest and await the outcome of the job I favor (at the historic hotel). Should there be no offer, I’ll move forward with the chain hotel … though this time delay returns risk. I don’t know whether their offer (albeit at a too-low wage) still stands!

I also have at 2 p.m. an interview at the convention center/hotel for a dishwasher. Not a glamorous job, THAT IS FOR SURE! I’ve done it — the real high-volume stuff, greasy and groddy and gross and gunky — and man ya break a sweat! It’s demanding work.

Coincidentally, that pay’s equal to the high-end cleaning at the hotel chain so go figure! One job’s all gross and groddy and the other pristine and immaculate-making.

I write this not for the artistry of the writing, rather to record this moment, time and day.

It’s April 18. I’m just over two weeks living officially in my new town and I have three irons in the job fires! That just blows me away (especially after the misery of Tacoma not so very long ago)!

I’ve no idea what my immediate (or distant) future holds. It’s reasonable to say, I think, that one of these three jobs that are simultaneously converging into an apex today will come through … and have me working again a week from today.

The mystery’s where! Excited to see how it all shakes down.


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