From poverty to promise in a “short” (not really) six years.

Location, location, location!

For the love of location, I’m in (a) Arizona and (b) Prescott!

The hows would make for interesting reading. Another time perhaps.

Today, I’m celebrating the opportunities that’ve come my way in very short time of officially living here — about two weeks. (Prior, a number of visits were made over nine months with the intent of moving here, which excluded Prescott from the not-uncommon mode of “move there sight unseen.”)

My current luck — more on that in a moment — isn’t without past tribulations, stresses, disappointments and failures of others to reciprocate or even respond to my housing and employment efforts.

Getting to Prescott was difficult, yes, with every defeat and failed effort amplified by the core of desire, yearning and need to be here.

Now, I’ve been around and moved A LOT. Around 48 times though I’ve lost count in the past couple years so don’t hold me to that. None of it related to the military (I get asked that all the time).

Point being, I’m in the truly unique and well-grounded position to know about places and spaces.

And the simple fact that I’ve had five job interviews (two at one workplace) in two weeks and am scheduled for two more in the morrow (one a second interview) speaks to …

… well, a part of me wants to say miracle but I know better. It’s the resonance between me and the town. It’s a reflection of harmony … of rightness … of a good match and a divine one. It’s that kind of a place: for me.

I don’t want to weigh this post down with comparisons between this town and Tacoma, Washington, which very nearly destroyed my life and would’ve killed me within a few short years had I not gotten myself out.

I bring Tacoma up only as a comparison to present circumstances. I’ve had more interviews in two weeks here than I did in two years in Tacoma. *Where I applied for ANYTHING — A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G — and EVERYTHING. Including the lowest of the lowest of the lowest of the low jobs requiring use of 2 brain cells.

And I and still couldn’t get a job to save my life.


There are other differences between Prescott and Tacoma that aren’t pertinent to this post. The pertinent point, as I wrote, lies in the pudding, like the proof. 🙂 Half a dozen interviews in two weeks compared to the same amount in two years.

True, these aren’t career interviews. They’re service industry jobs (cleaning and food service) that pay little.

However, whatever the outcome, it’s a start. It puts me back in action and money into my account. And, not to be overlooked, enables me to live in the town that makes me smile … makes my heart sing, even through the tears of past disappointments and failures.

I’m in awe at how quickly things have unfolded and the infusion of well-being in general. This infant new chapter promises to be unlike any other. In a positive and uplifting and growing way (not ruination and despair and deathly way of Tacoma).

What different worlds and worlds of differences six years can make. So grateful not to be there.

So grateful to be here.


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