Cliched but true: a blue Monday

My heart is heavy.

It’d been more than a week waiting for Heather, with a local startup magazine on parenting preparing to launch, to respond in our extended communications.

It’s not like I was a teenager sitting by the phone waiting for him to call. She said she would call last week. And she didn’t.

So I telephoned her and left messages. She didn’t respond. The only remaining course was email, which I did. I didn’t hear from her and I didn’t hear from her.

And then I did, this morning.

Sorry but I’ve brought everyone on board now, she says. I’ll call you when opportunity to contribute arises again.

What a blowoff, albeit a nicely-worded one. And a ripoff. We’d been moving forward toward meeting/interviewing for some time now. I’ve had this opportunity at the forefront and as a priority as I get moved in and set up in a new town (meaning there’s been a LOT on my plate, first and foremost finding a place to live).

I’ve remained in touch and communicated through the process. I’ve been professional, proactive and patient.

We were on the same page. Then Heather dropped the ball. Out of the blue.

I sensed something amiss in her silence and abrupt lack of communication recently. My heart felt heavy and I’ve been depressed.

Now I know why. I’m sad and disappointed that she didn’t carry through or even call like she promised. I’m disgruntled that she shoved me, and our mutual opportunity, off the stovetop. And I’m upset that she did it in favor of others before we even met.

Though a nice person I’m sure, her dropping the ball and lack off responsiveness do not impress; they are unprofessional and unkind.

I don’t think I’ll be writing or contributing to Prescott parent magazine. I do however wish her luck and the publication success.


2 thoughts on “Cliched but true: a blue Monday

  1. I am Heather, the woman you are speaking of in this post… I was a little shocked to see this. I do not know your name through your blog, so I have no way of contacting you directly to touch base with you. We received many applicants for those who wish to contribute in one way or another and it is virtually impossible to get back to every single person and conduct an interview with them. Like anyone who runs an organization or business (especially a start up magazine such as this) time is of the essence. Those who were hired had everything we are looking for and there was no need for me to conduct further interviews at that time. It was nothing personal, or that I was unprofessional; the number of contributors we have is based on our budget. I would like to have an actual discussion with you, so I may apologize to you in person for offending you in any way. It was not my intention and I am a very nice person, so I hope in the future if you have any issues with me, you will contact me directly about it so we may resolve it, not do an anonymous blast about me on your blog. That is unprofessional. I also make it clear in our editorial kit that it is hard for me to get back to everyone who submits an article and those we are interested in will be contacted. Again, I am sorry if you were offended and I look forward to speaking to you about this, if you wish.


    • Heather: I encourage you to reread the post. Nothing was written about applying as a contributor. In truth, we were in extended communication re: a staff position. You made pledges and commitments you did not keep. As for applicant contributors (which I neither was nor am), yes, you are busy. Yes, you cannot respond to each one personally. However, you acknowledge them. I’ve been both a worker and in this industry specifically for a very, very long time. Nothing speaks more loudly about an employer, whatever the industry, than not acknowledging an applicant’s efforts. Even auto-replies, as cold and impersonal as they are, are better than dead silence.

      In response to: “So I hope in the future if you have any issues with me, you will contact me directly about it so we may resolve it, not do an anonymous blast about me on your blog. That is unprofessional”: First, in our extended past communications, I did contact you by email and phone and you did not respond until evidently my persistence brought you to do so. Understandably I’m not keen to venture again down that path. Secondly, there is nothing to resolve; things are as they are.

      This is a personal blog. I write about whatever has my focus and am at liberty to do so. Even were it a “professional” blog, I would retain that liberty to write freely and honestly of an experience. The exception of course would be if I were hired and paid to write on a particular topic, product, etc.

      I felt no need to address these matters and chose to only to further your understanding and clarity. I hope it helped and genuinely wish you success in your endeavors.

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