A sheet-draped elephant in the room is still an elephant

No April Fool’s. I’m livin’ in Prescott, Arizona!

This is a biiiig deal … a true achievement and accomplishment. It comes to pass after 9 months of disappointments, others’ failures to communication, opportunities that didn’t materialize and other sundry events that brought me to pause in my endeavors.

Whether it was a matter of right timing … or my 1-1/2 months on the road as a nomad … seeing friends and shaking off the dust of Kingman (AZ) … the season of spring … my overdue readiness to get set up here …

all of the above …

I’m here now! April 2. Day two of this new chapter – Life in Prescott.

* * *

Night 1 and 2 … ah, those are another matter!

Night 1 was a bust. Even after a long stretch of sleeping in my car in the cold! Yes, my body was thrilled with a shower in the new residence! But the bed … the bed was another matter. Another cheap soft mattress that immediately launched my body and injured back into spasmatic hot discomfort!

Truth. Sleeping on the bad bed did more damage than on the hard surface of a car’s cargo space!

Having learned the {ahem} hard way in Kingman that in terms of solutions, bad beds can’t be fixed, only disposed of, I WILL NOT revisit that road and so immediately set the mental gears in motion.

First, I dismantled the bed. In its entirety. Frame included.

Note that this isn’t my bed! This is a bed in a rental room in another’s house! Whatever Judy thought about me basically gutting the bed/room I couldn’t say. Some things have to be done. Getting off a bad bed is mandatory!

A full-sized mattress and box spring aren’t easily hidden or disguised. They don’t fold up into a nice tidy square unit for storage at the back of a closet — though I wish otherwise!

After a good long while in geometric and spatial reasoning mode — it’s a gift — and giving due thought to aesthetics, I arrived at a solution:

Lean the box spring and mattress and dismantled frame on X wall. At this spot — and this spot only (few options in a small room) — loss of wall space is minimized, too the eyesore of an upright leaning mattress & box spring duo.

Again, like the elephant in the room, a mattress & box spring! …

I happened to have an old sheet in a pleasing yellow and floral print to conceal the truly obvious. VERY nicely done, if I do say so myself.

So with bed upright, what did I sleep on? A fair question.

Enter my camping cot. My firm, clean, easy-to-set-up cot. That’s as narrow as 5 straws laid side to side.

Well, perhaps a handful more. Point is, The sleeping width isn’t even 3 feet. There’s NO way that your typical adult American (read: fat) could sleep on this cot or any other!

I’m small. I’m petite. I take up little room. And the cot’s challenging even for me. You don’t turn on a cot. You flip from side to side. Neither do you spread out on a cot. You sleep curled, confined by two mental bars.

So my bed’s a bed in the making. As opposed to making a bed.

I hope for quick results in the search for an AFFORDABLE and transportable (read: easy to move on my own) bed. In the meantime, even a cot, with its incredible narrowness, better than a crappy mattress!

I know. I woke up to my back thanking me.

And a big ol’ mattress & box spring staring at me from the side. Truth is, a sheet-draped elephant in the room is still an elephant.




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