Slumber, Thou Art My Blisszzzzz!

Oh the sweet difference slumber maketh!

I had last night for the first time in months a sound sleep! (The first sound sleep not brought on by a drug, I should say.)

Slumber uninterrupted by searing neck pain, inflammation and/or stiffness or the wrong pillow or a hideously soft mattress or a rock-hard surface of the ground or tight quarters of a car. Too, slumber uninterrupted by any — or all — of the top five worries of the times, an overwrought state of emotions, inner turmoils, angst or relentless rehashing of mistakes I’ve made that I truly and deeply regret.

It was, in four words: The Sounds of Slumber. {push play on Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence”}

I could speculate on the reasons I slept as I did. A reasonably comfortable mattress. The right pillow. Overexhaustion catching up to me. Overdue crashing. My own space with basic amenities (read: a Motel 6 room). The unpleasantries and aggressiveness and CROWDS of California, a key leg in this journey, in my rear-view mirror at last. Being back on Arizona soil.  

Like stars aligning to bring good to someone, these singular elements, combined into a whole, worked to provide six rare hours of undisturbed, solid and sound sleep! That’s called synergy!

To those who sleep soundly, or reasonably so, a post triumphing one night of solid slumber might seem ridiculous. Those folks take sleep for granted. They’ve not experienced the effects of long-term sleep deprivation or the consequences of 24-hour hour chronic/acute pain and/or disability that shuts off the natural sleep cycles. 

Regular sleep and sound sleep are more important than most people are aware or recognize. Nothing reveals or teaches that better than its absence. I’ve always known the value and importance of sleep so this wasn’t a lesson I needed in the School of Life. What is the ongoing lesson is learning to relax Super Stoicism and Endurance to Survive and seek — and receive — self-care when it is needed. Difficult challenges for me indeed.

Anyways, as I was writing, oh the sweet difference slumber maketh! When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t all draggy and stiff and uncomfortable and wishing I could sleep through the day to make up for all the sleep I didn’t get through the night!

My eyes flew open, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated and ready for the day! This is a first since late last year, when this whole neck injury-bad bed-no sleeping nightmare began. I felt terrific!

Unfortunately, tonight I trade it in for the current lifestyle of sleeping on the ground or in the car. Sigh.

Sweet dreams are made of this {hit play on Eurythemics tune}: Sound sleep. And then we awaken to realities of sleeping on hard desert ground or in the back of a car. Dreams come crashing down under the hammer and blunt forces of realities. 

For this day, however, for this moment, I savor this sweetness of a night’s sound slumber! ‘Tis bliss! Blissssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….



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