The Wonder Bed and Other Random Musings

Comin’ to ya from the Thousand Oaks area of Southern California …

Today, Feb. 21, marks one week since officially closing the chapter of Kingman, AZ. One week that feels like three! Travel does that, for me. Travel is like a rubber band that bends, stretches, unwinds and upends time.

My neck injury has been an anchor, depriving this trip of lift. I’m happy to report that after a miserable several months of disability, immobility and round-the-clock chronic/acute pain, the neck’s muscles, ligaments and tendons (and concurrent shoulder parts) are at last loosening!

It’s all due to a great bed. The Wonder Bed, I’ve named it. It’s a 10++- year-old  Simmons Beautyrest Classic mattress that’s stood the test of time in its chain of hand-me-downs. If that ain’t a ringing endorsement, eh!? It’s still firm and has retained its shape through multiple users (including a married couple who slept on it for a decade).

“Forget” the herbs, the anti-inflammatories, the exercises, the series of new pillows, the chiropractic treatments and every other endeavor over the months to heal the neck. {Of course I don’t really mean forget, which is why it’s in quotes. :)}

Nothing but nothing has returned the immediate and positive and remarkable results as GETTING BACK ON A GOOD BED!!! And getting my back on a good bed! A nice firm mattress with juuuuuuuust enough give to support the shoulders and hence the neck toward recovery. That Wonder Bed has advanced recovery more in three days than any other modality.

The ruination of a bad mattress is real, folks. Ditto the ruination of a bad pillow. Put ’em together and it’s a wonder I can still walk!

I exaggerate to drive home the importance of a quality mattress  and pillow … and the distresses, debilitations and dangers of bad ones. I’m a flesh-and-bones breathing example. A mortal illustration who’s blessed to have friends with a fantastic mattress that has single-handedly and singularly advanced the cause of rest, recovery and healing of neck, body and mind and simultaneously returned peaceful rest and slumber!

I’m thrilled to wake up each morning, feeling a little bit better than the day before rather than worse. Believe me, I’ve lived the latter.

= = =

So as the neck healing progresses, too the travel. After a week of rest and reconnecting with friends, I’ll be on my way to the Bay Area of northern California for the next friend-ly stayover.

The travel time is going by much too fast and I’m still waiting for that Aha! … that engagement in the flow and the delights and the love of travel. Uncharacteristically, separate from a physical ailment, I’m letting concerns and worries and ruminations be my burdening shadow instead of leaving them in their rightful place …  out in the dusty Nevada desert, where they shan’t bother me again.

The flow, the flow, the flow … best to be in the flow …






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