The Powers of New York City Are Mightier Than God.

You’d have to be living in a cave to not know that the East Coast is getting slammed by a brutal winter.

Some folks may wish they were living in caves compared to the frigid depressing apartments of New York City!

New York City. Picture this: A storm dumping a foot of snow in a day or less. Blisteringly bitter cold winds. Pedestrians braving the conditions slipping, sliding and falling hard. What cars that are out on those roads that do get plowed stalling, spinning, fishtailing and advancing like injured soldiers on crutches. Air thick with gray and snowflakes, obscuring vision.

And STILL you have to pay the parking meters!

I kid you not.

I very nearly fell to the floor the other day when while reading news articles about the storm in New York, I read with my very own eyes “parking meters remain in effect.” Drivers who can’t see 1,000 feet in front of ’em … who are slip-sliding across NYC’s roads … struggling to drive straight and between guesstimated lane markers (ohhh, been there!) … barely able to keep the car from fishtailing in a turn …

And they’re expected to position their cars properly in front of parking meters — more power to ya if it’s parallel parking!! — dig into pockets beneath layers of down or wool, pocketbooks or wallets with gloved hands — to extract coins or a credit card (presumably like Denver, NYC now has card meters) … unfold themselves out of the safety of their vehicles back into crusty biting conditions and deposit money into a fucking parking meter?!?

Heeeeey, no problem!!!! drawls New York City in its best mafia don voice.

There are 1,001 reasons I wouldn’t live in New York, their socialist politics topping the list. {Repeat to self: Will not go there. Will not go there. Will not go there.}

For New Yorkers in winter, this is the LEAST of your problems. (photo courtesy of

And after reading that NYC meters remain active even those miserable subhuman conditions and people and drivers struggling so, I had to wonder how those small meter vehicles manage to navigate the snow and ice when a 2,000-lb. car can’t.

I pictured some meter maid cruising rows of meters by foot, sweeping off 6 inches of snow with their NYC-issued thermal gloves, peering through the plexiglass and BINGO! Time expired. And ecstatically entering the plates and time with a touch pen into her handheld electronic device.

Because nothing but NOTHING keeps down a hardened New Yorker. Not the destruction of the World Trade Center. Not the crowds. Not the dirtiness. Not the astronomical prices. Not the socialism or government dictates. Not the rules that require diners to ask for salt. Not the drugs or corruption or dangers.

And certainly not a blazing blizzard! Park ‘n’ pay up, suckas! For the powers of New York City are mightier than God.


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