Hair’s the news, folks!

Love my new ’do! Rather, old ’do done well.

Yesterday was a red-letter day because I got a haircut. That is, I got a haircut in a real haircutting place. I hadn’t been in one in about three years.

Nooooo, I’m not one of those freak ladies with hair down to my butt! I’ve been cutting my own hair for years because I was too damn poor to afford a proper haircut.

I still have vivid memories of standing in that K-Mart in Tacoma, Washington, where the darkest of my darkness in this lifetime exists, staring at the box of clippers, examining it, weighing whether I could really afford the $14. In the end, I reasoned that the purchase would pay for itself with a single haircut.

It did — and the many many that followed. In short — no pun intended — my hair length varies from monk to a short boy’s cut. Much past that and I start feeling out of sorts. Thick hair has its plusses and its minuses. So, depending on climate and location (both in flux with my many moves), I do a buzz cut with a comb attachment, producing a 10 o’clock shadow, as opposed to 5.

When the hair grew out — and it always does (plusses and minuses there) — I’d take the shears used for years to cut paper, magazine pages, construction paper, thick cardboard and snip here, chop there.

Vanity of appearance is the least of my problems. One look at my dress (fashion idol: Neil Young) and hair tell ya that.

So stepping into a proper haircutting place for the first time in years was a big deal. Even thrilling.

Sure, the clientele is mostly guys. It’s called SportsClip, after all. Big-screen TV tuned to football talk in the waiting area. (I liked that.) A VIP package featuring a hot towel around the face and a shoulder massage with an electric massager (it’s not THAT kinda place). I’m too old for the kid’s package and not old enough for the senior’s price so basic is what I got.

My mother told me that from very young, I knew my own mind. So it is with haircuts. I knew exactly what I wanted: to clean up and tidy up raggedly short hair. I’m getting ready to move. I’m job-hunting. A new chapter’s about to begin in Prescott once I secure lodgings. I felt called to look my best plus it’s too cold still for a buzz cut.

That’s how I ended up at SportsClip on spur of the moment. With a $5 off coupon that dropped the price to $11.  (P.S. What is with women who pay a zillion bucks for a haircut?!?! Do NOT get that!)

As serendipity had it, I got a great cutter! I showed her a pic of my envisioned Winona Ryder pixie on my phone (yey Smartphones!) and she did a terrific job! After some initial tweaking, the result is a nice clean cut, short, even, balanced and flattering.

Wash ‘n’ go, that’s my motto. No dryer, no gel, no comb, no nuthin’ … except skullcaps when the weather’s chilly. Or a baseball cap or bandana whenever because I’m that sorta girl.

And oh so worth the $11 plus tip!!

Going to a hair place, ya never know what you’re gonna get. You could as easily walk out with a big smile and bounce to your step as a race to the market for a paper bag to wear for a month.

I. Got. Lucky. A bundle of thanks to Bethany at SportsClip in Kingman! You’re a cut above the rest. Thanks for making my first visit back really enjoyable and for teaming up (speaking of sports) to create my envisioned ‘do.

Smart decision, stopping in at SportsClip. I got {ahem} a good head on my shoulders , eh?


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