C is for cranky and cervical vertebrae

I woke up feeling like something the cat dragged in.

Under the weather. Rung out and tired, as if to signal onset of illness or cold.

The cause is this chronic neck and shoulder pain that’s been plaguing  for 2-1/2 months. My assorted self-care treatments — applications of ice, heat, anti-inflammatory tabs, yoga, McKenzie method neck exercises  — along with chiropractic adjustments are not restoring the neck, primarily, and secondarily the affected left shoulder/arm as well or quickly as I’d hoped and need.

“Displacement of cervical vertebrae, twisting and tightening of ligament / tendon / muscles of neck and shoulder as a result of longterm poor sleeping position on pillow that was too high” : this is what my gut / inner knowing say. “Low-grade chronic pain that’s become acute chronic pain. Needed is deep muscle  manipulation in conjunction with vertebrae manipulation and correction.”

Again, my gut talking.

I don’t want to laugh and don’t mean to sound like I am but how are those remedies / treatments possible? I have no insurance. I have barely an income from the job I have {a job to be released anon}. And don’t even get me started on the whole Obamacare fiasco. Disaster isn’t a strong enough word. Fucking disaster doesn’t even say it! Ruination of America … socialism of America. So it goes.

I’m such an advocate and practitioner of active self-care. Being stymied in my initiative and efforts in self-care that’s well researched, informed and  implemented with discipline is so damn frustrating. In some ways I feel defeated.

And very tired. Tired of the pain. Compromised body mechanics and mobility. Tired of hurting.  Speaking of which, off I go to the chiro now. Will see whether we accomplish that grand pop! so needed by those cervical vertebrae. Be back later {ahem}.


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