Tonight, the Crab & the Werewolf Collide

I was all geared up to unload things about my job/work off my chest when I got home, then the steam from my smokin’ heels subsided.

After I settled down at the computer, other things took hold of my attention and focus. Work issues’lll continue until I leave the job, which I hope will be in very short order, so another day, a future blog post. Stuff that needs to be written.

What’s on my mind now — and has been for a while– is tonight’s full moon, at 11:52 p.m. Eastern time at 25 degrees Cancer. Tons of information, some accurate, some not, out there about full moons, what they mean (beyond a big bright spotlight in the sky) and how to avail one’s self of its energy.

Astrology is long a passion. I love it! (I’ve done charts here and there for people for free or very minimal donation. If I could do charts for income, even as a sideline, I would. Efforts to get something off the ground have never yielded fruits. A girl can take only so much disappointment so I stopped trying, though the interest and hunger have never abated.)

Anyways, full moons are about release. New moons are about planting seeds and that’ll be Jan. 30. That’ll be a blue moon as it’s the second new moon in a calendar month. The following day is the Chinese New Year’s. The Chinese New Year’s date changes every year since it’s synced up with the moon. Intuitively that makes more sense to me than the Gregorian calendar system. But I don’t see the Western world changing its calendar anytime soon! Especially not for the Chinese!

So full moon tonight. In the deep dark crisp clear skies of Arizona (and away from Phoenix), stars in plenty are easily seen about every night; tonight’s lunar presentation ought not pale.

I’ve got things to release … old patterns of behaviors, habits of thought, emotions and action that are destructive or toxic, addictions, emotional baggage that holds me down or doesn’t advance my cause.

With this moon in Cancer — Cancer being about emotions and emotional baggage … the heart center … the soft feminine … mothering … nurturing … sensitivity … withdrawal when hurt or threatened, like the crab into its shell … self-protection … the salves we turn to ease or forget the pain, which can then develop into addictions …

These are up for a look in this Cancer full moon. Now’s the time to trim the deadwood and toss the dross. Release that which no longer serves you right now in your life. I’m even doing a small ritual, writing down that which I want or need to release and then burning the paper in the fireplace.

Scratch and free that annoying itch, release an inner demon, send the werewolf  walking.


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