where thee (me) be in feb-ru-ary?

How exciting and unnerving to know not where I’ll be a month from today.

Exciting for the traveler in me, unnerving for the practical, pragmatic living-in-real-time me.

Change is afoot. How often have the people who know me heard that! Everyone — everyone! — knows: “Write her address in pencil. It’ll change in 10 minutes.”

Thing is, with this move coming up, a move whose timing is unclear but the sooner the better, I’m a horse chomping at the bit. A kid waiting for Christmas. To pilfer from “Rocky Horror Picture Show”: antici … pation!

Last time I made a move that really got my gears churning was July 4, 2011. The Great Escape from grim, dreary and suicidally-gray Washington state / the Pacific Northwest to Colorado. But oooooh, that move was so much more than that. It. Was. To. Save. My. Life. I’ll say no more. The chapter haunts me still.

Point is, that move from dark Washington state to Colorado, where the sun shines 300+ days a year, was a huge step in the right direct. The years there were cut short by various things, chief among them Colorado turning blue. Buh-bye conservatism, red state and the Old Wild West. Hello, influx of California and libs from both coasts, a Bloomberg-wannabe socialist Gov. Hickenlooper and, most recently, dope, legalized pot. The beginning of the end to Colorado.

Long story and thousands of miles short, here I am in Arizona. Which I just love!!!! This is the state for me, Phoenix excepted.

And this impending move is unique. First, it’s in-state instead of out-of-state. Big difference in transitioning only 150 miles instead of 1,000 miles, which is my norm.

Second, it’s a place I’ve been to before — also unique; I’ve almost always moved to places I’ve never been to (or just barely)  before. I’m the rare cat who fearlessly jumps into the unknown with both feet as a matter of course and routine. “Flying by the seat of one’s pants” was invented for me.

At this age, with Obama’s designed economic ruination  as it is  plus some 49 moves under my belt — I’ve lost count — the era of picking up and going and easily securing temp work are over. O-V-E-R.

I’m familiar with my next destination, 2-1/2 hours away by car. That’s different. I’m excited to be there. I want to be there. There an nowhere else. It’s good to be there. Positives and growth will come from being there.

Question is: When? In a few days, I’ll be taking another trip to Prescott to look for and hopefully secure an affordable rental room in someone’s home. That needs to happen by the end of January.

If it doesn’t, then it’s to Plan B: Traveling to California (yech!) and maybe Utah (OK) to see old friends (yeah!). A month on the road.  Less than the last recent round of three months on the road, homeless. And a bit unnerving. Means having no home to return to when it’s over.

question-markAh well. Thinking aloud because what happens (or doesn’t happen) in the next week or two dictates where I’ll be — or not be — come February. Good thing I was born to travel. This constant and intense upheavel and unrootedness and absence of home would require serious sedation in normal folk.


3 thoughts on “where thee (me) be in feb-ru-ary?

  1. I tip my hat to thee. As it looks like that you have some control this around and not leaving yourself to the vagaries of Fate like Odysseus of old, must be a refreshing change.

    I almost wrote an “high” but that would be too Blue (Colorado), right? lol

  2. Hahahah, “high” is fine! … the Rocky Mountain high, Denver’s mile-high altitude an’ all that. Plus I definitely did my share of drugs and while I hold dope in no disfavor, legalization I’m strongly against. As for having more control and choice this round, that’s due to a death in my family (and some $ that’s come my way). Money provides choices that poverty does not. Take that away and things would look — and be — very, very different {“bleak” springs to mind first}.

    • Sorry to hear of the circumstances. Sometimes the Universe (or the Illuminati) works in mysterious ways. Hopefully the stars will align with my own little predicament over the next few days.

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