The Blah.

Blah, blah, blah blah blah.

Not mindless chatter. My mood since the start of the day.

Just blah.

Not that the day, now entering dusk, has been void of activities. I did this, that and the other. All of it enjoyable. Neither has it been darkened by inclement weather. The day’s been rich with sunlight, blue skies and temps in the 60s. Hey, it’s Arizona. We pay the price with 120 scorchers through summer. This temperate winter climate is deserved — and earned.

Yet these not dispelled the ennui present since I awoke.

I sit at the laptop with nothing to say. Uninspired. Again, blah.

I could do the daily writing prompt. Seems like too much work. I could cast a net into the blogosphere and see what blogfish {as opposed to blowfish) it catches. More blah.

Wish I knew what’s behind these moods. I’ve my suspicions and educated guesses. A lot’s rumbling subconsciously and unconsciously, including worries and anxieties. Nothing’s shaking me free from The Blah. Capital T, capital B.


B is for Bed. Where I’d like to be, sleeping it off, sleeping off the day.

L is for Luck. I need some. The search for new digs in my destination town is coming up zero.

A is for Alcohol. A mood brightener or a mood downer, it can go either way.

H is for Heat. Passion. Indifference. Ennui. Arousal. Stimulation. Boredom. Flatlining. Words in the family.

* * *

Uncensored Stream of Consciousness Round 2

B is for Brainstorming. What would get me outta this funk? Dunno.

L is for Liver. Inside the body. The organ that filters toxins. Overloaded by sadness, grief, worry, anxiety.

A is for Allelujah, Arizona! — the name of this blog. Alive. Atrocious. Atticus, a kitten I “saved” and found a home for eventually a few years ago. Aha! moments. Anxiety. Astronauts. Asparagus.

H is for Him & Her, Heaven, HELP! Hell. Hello. Hunger.

* * *

Uncensored Stream of Consciousness Round 3

Sadness. There, it surfaces again. Lurking behind The Blah is sadness. And anxiety.

The only relief springing to mind is sleep. An uninspiring post … in the moment … in the middle of The Blah.


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