Toughin’ It Out With Technology

Nuthin’ like technology to make ya feel 500 years old.

In the era of regular blogging, roughly 2006-2011, technology and gadgets were at ABCDEF level.

Now, just into 2014, it’s at ABCDEFGH and I level. It’s moved along at a clip that I’ve not kept up with and couldn’t keep up with for various reasons, among them $.  This this post. It’s being created on a dinosaur computer.

I love me Macs! Don’t get me wrong. But c’mon, an OS 10.3.9 has all the arthritis of a 500-year-old man.

Obviously a man not on planet earth but some sci-fi planet.

The list of Firefox crashes is long, the stream of messages like “You’re Using a Browser We No Longer Support. We Recommend Updating for Best Performance” yada yada forever flowing.

Technology spares no one. Not the infirmed or the impoverished. If you don’t got the bucks, tough toenails. I don’t mean you gotta get the latest gadget that comes out every six months.  I’m not for that.

But if your gadget was built in 2008 and you’ve been laid up or flattened by the economic disaster, designed by Obama and his lib cronies, you’re gonna suffer. As Firefox, and other software, is only too quick to remind ya.

Point is, between getting stuck in the Dark Ages in technology through this, that and the other and a 2-3 year cessation of blogging, I’m like WTF?! in all these widgets and what-not on WordPress! I blogged here previously but I’d hardly know it!

My head’s spinning as I simultaneously pull out my hair to figure out all these options and what they mean and, worst of all, slog through on a laptop no faster than an Edsel on the superhighway of technology.

There. I ranted. I need no pity. Compassion, yeah. And, truly, to get back into the flow and on a new Mac that can keep up.

Grandpa Moses is rolling over in his grave, pointing with his cane in one hand and a Kensington mouse in the other, admonishing: “Get with the program, girl! Move into today’s times. Or meet a premature death.” Never one to mince words, that grandpa. Yikes.  Thanks. I think.



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