Beer for breakfast. Balk not!

Beer for breakfast. It happens.


An alcoholic I’m not. For the record. I’m not even a person with a drinking problem! Oft-times I’ve wished I could be an alcoholic in exchange for my other addictions. It’s not in the cards this lifetime.


Beer for breakfast. It happens. Sometimes it’s a mood or a state of mind, the way the morning air feels. A late morning to most in my environs as they’re well up and around and walking and stuff as I first stir. 10 a.m.-ish.

Plus two more hours for body and brain to sync up. I’m a slow morning starter. A nocturnal creature through and through. Always have been. Not like my mother’s side that rises at 5, 6, 7 a.m. because THEY WANT TO! It feels good. What?! NATURAL. WTF?! Are we really related?!?


Beer for breakfast.


No crap beer. No offense, Bud, Coors, Miller, et. al. Your market’s plentiful and suffers not from my absence.


Today’s is Joseph Brau’s Winter Brew.  Joseph Brau Brewing Co. based in San Jose, CA. A dark double bock lager. Procured at Trader Joe’s in my last visit to Prescott, AZ. Kingman, AZ, has no Trader Joe’s. It’s not craft-beer country. It’s Miller, Coors, Pabst, Bud country.

 * * *

JB's Winter Brew Lager

With a big glass of chilled Winter Brew starting at me, I thought it’d be fun to report live the drink. The tastes on the tongue. The initial impressions. The imagery evoked. Live beer on the blog. Sans expectations. First sip. Here we go.


Caramel-y. Light finish of fruit.


Mild to moderate carbonation … 3-4 on a scale of 1-10, 1 being scant, 10 full on Pepsi-Cola.


Sweet finish that flattens as it settles. Coats tongue and palate with … {pause to sip again} … hard to describe … a flat aftertaste of nut. Aged walnut? Aged pecan? Some of each. It’s not entirely unpleasant but not fully pleasant either.


Nose is sweet caramel. Fizzy, inviting, friendly.


Evokes an image of  family — if you like your family and they get along, or a group of friends and/or strangers if you don’t — gathered around a hearth, laughing, slightly toasted. Uncle Fred’s not so drunk that his face has splashed into the eggnog bowl.


No, JB’s Winter Brew doesn’t evoke or invite that drunken state that precedes the annual family blowout of bitterness, tears, accusations and garbage. Happy holidays to us all.


A cheerful beer, this. The two beers at a friendly gather … just right to blush the cheeks, not enough to slur the words or rattle cages of leashed family demons.


A friendly beer, truly. Perfect to begin a winter morning. Picture this:

You’re indoors standing by the window, drinking in the clear blue morning sky crisp and cold, the land blanketed tenderly in virgin snow and mom — well, not my mom but somebody’s mom who’s good — loudly and cheerfully announcing from the kitchen: “Pancakes are ready, everyone!”


How lovely would be the maple syrup — REAL maple syrup, c’mon, guys, keep it real and buy the genuine article! diabetics excepted — with this brew.


Pancakes, maple syrup and JB’s Winter Brew. Harmonious, synchronous, blended perfection!


See! Beer for breakfast! Do not balk. Not such a freak concept after all.


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